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RetroPenguin FAQ
Q. Does Adam need to think of some questions?
A. Absolutely :-(
RetroPenguin Rules
- Strong language is allowed, but should not be abused.
- Explicit usernames will not be tolerated. Using an explicit username will result in an immediate ban.
- Do not bully, harrass, or threaten others.
- Obey staff
- Being inappropriate in a room with other users will not be tolerated.
- Do not impersonate other users.
- Never ask for ranks. Asking too much will result in a kick/ban.
- Do not leave when a staff member is speaking with you in private, unless you have to log off due to   reasons outside of RetroPenguin.
- Do not throw snowballs rapidly, this will result in a kick.
- Explicit moods are not allowed.
- Do not set your title to the name of a rank, unless you are that rank.